Angular Attack: Pokedex

A couple weeks ago I took part in Angular Attack. I had 48 hours to work on any kind of website I want as long as I use AngularJS, preferably the latest 2.0 RC1 version.

I was allowed a team of up to 4 people including myself but I decided to go it alone. For my project, a Pokedex. I figured that it would be able to flex a lot of Angular2’s muscles. Unicode support for the multiple languages, a massive amount of data, and peculiarities in the data set that don’t allow for simple rules (Pokemon evolution is full of oddities). Not to mention that I grew up with the games so it was obviously an easy choice for me.

If you’re reading this before 5/30/16 then there’s still a chance for you to favorite my project for the competition. You can do that here:

I streamed all of the coding I did during the competition on and they saved the stream in my videos. It’s broken up a bit thanks to Comcast being Comcast but I believe the meat of the work is all there.

I’m not usually one to blog stuff but I learned a lot about Angular2, Firefox, and all sorts of other things during the competition so I’ll be writing up some of the things I found interesting in the coming days and weeks.

Also, the Pokedex project is still going on. I’m going to be putting it in a public repo on BitBucket and eventually host it on a proper domain. In the meantime, I’m using and posting to I might push broken versions from time to time as I test things especially mobile things. When I get a dedicated domain I’ll only push versions that I think are ready for the public.

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