A Year’s Experience with Ethereum

Since 2009, I’ve been captivated by the idea of the blockchain. Using cryptography as the backbone for structured storage was such a pure use of the field that I’ve researched in school and my free time for years that I couldn’t tear myself away from it. I’ve read through Bitcoin’s wiki about transactions, blocks, mining, reward schedules, keys, addresses, and so much more. It was my first dip into elliptic curve crypto as well. I always dreamed I’d create my own altcoin, one that wasn’t just a slightly modified fork like all the others. I still might, but until then I’ve been keeping busy.

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20+ GIT Repos and Counting – How We Cope

At work, we’ve built up quite a few code repositories in Gitlab. On the cloud team alone we have 18 at the time I post this. We’ve talked about using git modules, subtrees, symlinks, and more but for one reason or another we eventually voted against adopting each of them. Instead each project gets a stand alone repo separate from, but perhaps dependent on, the others.
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Scrolling 700+ items smoothly in ngFor

I’m quite a fan of Angular 2, 4, 5, or whatever it is now. I’ve been using it for several workplaces since 2015 and was a part of Angular Attack 2016 where I had 48 hours to make a site using Angular 2. I’ve mentioned before that my project of choice was a Pokedex. After the competition was over I decided to keep the project going and now it resides at https://materialpokedex.com.
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Material Pokedex: All the Data, None of the Backend

For Angular Attack, I had 48 hours and I couldn’t do any work before hand. No images, no code, nothing. They provided us a bare bones project with just enough of some Angular2 boiler plate to be the equivalent of a “Hello World.” Before the competition started, I googled around to see if I could find an API to offer up all the Pokemon data. I found pokeapi.co but it was painfully slow for my application. It took 20+ mins to request all 721 currently announced Pokemon. I didn’t want to submit my users to that. The only thing worse than no internet is slow internet.
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Angular Attack: Pokedex

A couple weeks ago I took part in Angular Attack. I had 48 hours to work on any kind of website I want as long as I use AngularJS, preferably the latest 2.0 RC1 version.

I was allowed a team of up to 4 people including myself but I decided to go it alone. For my project, a Pokedex. I figured that it would be able to flex a lot of Angular2’s muscles. Unicode support for the multiple languages, a massive amount of data, and peculiarities in the data set that don’t allow for simple rules (Pokemon evolution is full of oddities). Not to mention that I grew up with the games so it was obviously an easy choice for me.
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